Based on 20 years of financial software development RT Soft can help you to integrate your data-feed into the most popular trading platforms like MultiCharts, TradeStation, NinjaTrader, AmiBroker, NeuroShell Traders or integrate popular data providers like eSignal, IQFeed, TradeStation, InteractiveBrokers to your own platform. We have wide experience in the desktop platform as well as in building the real-time data distribution system with the low-level data processing optimisation.

  • Design and development of high-performance data connectors for any project type: desktop or server-based
  • Adding the data feeds which are not originally supported into the trading platform like TradeStation and MultiCharts (data plug-in development using original API)
  • High-performance proxies between managed and unmanaged components (.NET-Win32/64, Win32/64-.NET)
  • TradeStation integration with brokers which are not originally supported
  • Auto-trading plug-ins (broker connection) development for MultiCharts (using original API)