RT SOFT provides solutions for high-performance processing of the market data, real-time data distribution systems, solutions for algorithmic trading and connection to brokers

Data feed integration

  • Robust connectors for server and desktop platforms;
  • Wide range of APIs and SDKs;
    High-performance managed/unmanaged convertors;
  • Low-level optimised Windows Sockets for data distribution;
  • Software and tools for popular platforms

  • Historical and real-time data convertors;
  • Autotrading plug-ins;
  • Support of TradeStation 9.x, TradeStation 2000i, MultiCharts, MetaStock, NeuroShell and NinjaTrader;
  • Server-based strategy execuion (Easy Langualge & .NET) to InteractiveBrokers, Currenex etc;
  • Custom development and consulting

  • Data distribution platforms;
  • Order management systems;
  • TradeStation, MetaStock, NeuroShell and NinjaTrader integration with data 3rd-party feeds and brokers;
  • Autotrading and data plug-ins for MultiCharts;
  • Trading strategy development and adjustment for MultiCharts and MultiCharts .NET;