We are working in the field of financial custom programming and software enginneering, both on our own projects and commissions for customers in the United States and Europe. Extensive experience in financial software development allowed us to develop unique skills of situation analysis. Besides development experience we have an immense amount of trading software solutions that aid us in analyzing, planning and implementing new projects. Customers often have just a vague idea of what they want to be made. Our experience in software development and customer support aids us in working out the specifications and details of the project together with the customer, to serve as the basis for implementing them in the software. This approach sets us apart from numerous companies offering just mechanical coding to specifications.
We are able to develop projects of any complexity, whether from the technical or theoretical point of view. It would be difficult to tell more here since the field of custom programming is so extensive and every project is one of a kind. Anyway, we’ll try to give a broad description based on the solutions we already have and can use in the development of your project.