The Abaxs FIX universal trading latform helps organizations to increase the quality of execution. Ultimately, this leads to better execution and greater bottom-line financial returns and increased customer happiness. The system uses today’s most advanced technology, yet is designed to be used and maintained by the trading desk. With purpose-built features, Abaxs Rules Manager is the cornerstone of any sustainable compliance framework and helps businesses comply with today’s stringent regulations on an ongoing basis.
The solution is comprised of several components or modules including:

Core Platform (FIX Translation engine, FIX Bus, Client Access Connection Portal, Direct Market Access architecture with Prebuild access to 80 major exchanges and Forex Markets provided by
API Algorithmic trading access. Connect the Abaxs trading platform to your existing environment and leverage your investments. Transmit your orders from your legacy black box system and let Abaxs convert them in the needed FIX version to access your desired broker or exchange. Manage up to 800 orders per second by accessing the Abaxs high throughput Algorithmic API.Interactive Brokers).
Rules and Risk Management Module. Setup default order routes, define trading account hierarchies and assign trading limits for your traders and accounts.
Post trade Risk Management. Track your positions one by one on a single account basis or on freely definable consolidated levels.
Post trade Risk Management. Track your accounts one by one or on consolidated levels. Support of all major key figures in RM is available.
User Administration. Setup Front end users and manage their trading accounts and rights. Assign multiple trading accounts to your traders.Interactive Brokers).
Custom build reports can be easily integrated, as well grouping by currencies or other objects.
Universal Front End based on latest FIX 5 technology unifies manual order entry.
The Abaxs AA Trader revolutionizes Multi Asset Classes trading. It combines real user friendliness and simple intuitive handling. Abaxs built this Front End to provide speed and accuracy essential for the most demanding needs in the banking, investment and Hedge Fund Industry. The Abaxs AA Trader combines the extensive functionality of Interactive Brokers with Abaxs simplicity. The Abaxs AA Trader Front end can be customized, white labeled or integrated into web services.
Market Depth Trading Front end – place orders manually with Smart Order Entry Technology. Place Market-, Limit- and Stop orders with a single mouse click within a fraction of a second. Market-making possibilities by moving a bunch of orders at the market up and down by single mouse click. Graphical order status display and depth of market.