MetaOrder RT :: software to send orders from TradeStation 9.x and 10 to InteractiveBrokers

  • Ultra-fast: uses native TradeStation 9.1, 9.5 and 10 autotrading interface (without modification of EasyLanguage code or SMTP alerts);
  • Reliable: has been written in C++ and optimized for multi-CPU and multi-core computers;
  • Supporting of Stocks, Commodity, Options, Futures, FuturesOptiopns, Forex and, CFDs;
  • Allows connections to multiple InteractiveBrokers TWS;
  • Allows connection to TWS via local network and internet;
  • Sending orders to multiple accounts simultaneously;
  • Flexible rules of routing/replication of TradeStation’s strategy orders to account or the set of accounts;
  • Auto converting of filled by TradeStation STOP and LIMIT orders to MARKET orders to IB;
  • Automatic change of trigger-price for STOP and LIMIT orders after changing in TradeStation;
  • Automatic cancellation of orders which were cancelled in TradeStation;
  • Simple mode when MetaOrder puts the MARKET order to IB only after TradeStation’s strategy fills it;
  • Financial Advisor accounts support;
  • Routing orders using Financial Advisor groups and profiles or managed accounts selection;

Watch the video how it works…

MetaOrder RT Standard MetaOrder RT Financial Advisor
Connection to multiple TWS + +
Multiple accounts + +
Network/Internet connection + +
Exact mode (triggering all orders’ changes from TradeStation to IB) + +
Simple mode + +
Financial Advisor accounts +
Number of installations per licence 1 (+1 backup) 4
USD 297 USD 4950

TSData + :: software to add 3rd-party data feed to TradeStation 9.1

Software adds the second data feed into your TradeStation subscription. You can use TradeStation original data together with eSignal, IQFeed or InteractiveBrokers data. It expands the number of markets supported by TradeStation as well as adds the option to have the backup data feed.

  • Use of TS Data + data together with TradeStation-subscribed data;
  • Support of all charts types (including special) of TradeStation;
  • TradeStation 9.1 support (including all latest builds);
  • TradeStation 9.1 RadarScreen support (must be in your TradeStation subscription);
  • TS data + is fully integrated to TradeStation (no special servers, link or other software has to be running);
TradeStation Data +
TradeStation Data +

Supported data feeds

  • InteractiveBrokers
  • eSignal
  • IQFEed
USD 196

MarketData Link :: software to get TradeStation 9/10 account, position, strategy as well as real-time and historical data to Excel

Market Data Link 3.0 for TradeStation 9/10 allows you to connect Excel to TradeStation Network directly (without use DLL in Easy-language code). With MarketData Link software you will be able:

  • Get Accounts data in real-time.
  • Get Positions data in real-time.
  • Get Running EL strategy data in real-time.
  • Get real-time data by use of most fast Excel real-time data interface called RTD.
  • Get historical data (Daily, Minute and Tick) available at TradeStation servers into excel sheet.

Software requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10;
  • Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2018;
  • TradeStataion 9.5 or 10;
  • Valid TradeStation subscription.
USD 250