OnDemand Server – software to connect TradeStation 2000i to 3rd-party data feed in DataOnDemand mode

  • TradeStation/ProSuite 2000i support;
  • Built-in local data and symbol cache database. Every historical data requested by TradeStation will be stored on your local drive and then when you open the same chart next time, only absent data wille requested from an online data feed. This speeds up data processing and decreases Internet traffic;
  • Cache Server – a full-functional database program, which will help you to manage cached data: edit bad ticks, delete wrong bars or ticks or add new;
  • Import historical data into SmartCache Server from ASCII text files using most advanced File processing templates similar to our HistoryCentre software. This will allow you to process almost all possible formats of txt data files;<>
  • Export stored data into ASCII text file;
  • Work with data in offline mode.

Supported data feeds

  • InteractiveBrokers
  • eSignal
  • IQFEed
USD 394

MetaServer RT – software to connect TradeStation2000i to 1000+ real-time data sources

  • Supporting portfolios with large numbers of instruments;
  • High robustness;
  • Optimized using of computer resource’s;
  • Flexible data collection templates which allows you to configure the quote records to store in TradeStation or MetaStock;
  • Automatic calculation of the middle price for instruments;
  • High speed data processing using our PassThrough Feed ™ technology;
  • Data collection schedule;
  • Custom-written Data filtering DLLs;
  • DDE link templates to help you configure DDE links to your data feed .
  • Calculating your own symbols/indicators using built-in MetaScript scripting language in real time.
  • Multiplying prices by defined value in real time;
  • Dividing prices by defined value in real time;
  • Dividing defined value by price in real time;
  • Starting and stopping of individual symbol.
  • Find/Replace symbol feature.
  • Support of work under Windows Firewall (a part of Windows XP ServicePack 2).
Data feed version Support of TS2000i Support of MetaStock Data filtering DLLs Data collection schedule Data collection templates Built-in scripting language< Historical data downloader
MetaServer RT for Windows DDE yes yes yes yes yes yes no
MetaServer RT for InteractiveBrokers yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
MetaServer RT for TradeStation 9.x Feed yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
MetaServer RT for IQFeed yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
MetaServer RT for QuoteSpeed yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

MetaServer RT for Windows DDE version records quotations from any DDE-source and update charts of TradeStation2000i/ProSuite2000i Products or MetaStock 6.52-/12.x (eSignal version) in real time.
The DDE Dynamic Data Exchange protocol is used by many data vendors including ActivePlus/WinBis, Bloomberg, CQG, Fainex, MetaTrader 3 and 4, OASE, Reuters, Sfinx NDK, TFD/EuroBench etc. but this is just a few of the existing data vendors utilizing the DDE protocol in their services. This method of data exchange is growing more and more popular among price data vendors due to quality, speed and accessibility provided by the protocol and due to its widespread use by quality vendors. Another advantage is that DDE can be used to exchange data with any statistic or trading programs using it, for instance, Microsoft Excel.
Crating a standalone conversion program for this protocol was necessary firs of all because many traders cannot fully exploit the benefits of DDE for lack of knowledge and the necessary software.

MetaServer RT 3.2 for Interactive Brokers version records free real-time data directly from IB’s Java Trader Workstation (TWS) and update charts of TradeStation/ProSuite 2000i Products or Equis MetaStock 6.52-12.x (eSignal version) in real time. The Interactive Brokers Group is a group of electronic brokerage and market making firms at the forefront of the electronic brokerage industry.

MetaServer RT 3.2 for TradeStation Network (TradeStation subscription) version records real-time data directly from TradeStation data feed and update charts of TradeStation/ProSuite 2000i Products or Equis MetaStock 6.52-12.x (eSignal version) in real time. The TradeStation Technology has launched trading platform for the institutional, professional and serious, active trader. In February 2000, the company launched Internet-based, real-time charts, quotes and news powered by award-winning analytics tools and a unique server farm technology.

MetaServer RT 3.2 for IQFeed version records quotations directly from DTN’s IQFeed data stream and update charts of Omega 2000i Products or Equis MetaStock 6.52-12.x (eSignal version) in real time.
IQFeed is a real-time financial quotes and data Internet vending service by DTN, the recognized world leader in Internet quotes providing. DTN established special prices for IQFeed subscription for our users. Please visit IQFeed web-site to read more…

MetaServer RT 3.2 for QuoteSpeed version records quotations directly from Tenfore QuoteSpeed data stream and update charts of Omega 2000i Products or Equis MetaStock 6.5212.x (eSignal version) in real time. IQFeed is a real-time financial quotes and data Internet vending service by Tenfore.

USD 162

MetaServer Network – special add-on to MetaServer RT which allows to distribute MetaServer data over local network or Internet.

  • Support of all MetaServer RT versions
  • Support of TradeStation 2000i and all MetaStock Professional for eSignal version;
  • High performance and stability;
  • Up to 5 clients
  • Easy setup
USD 297

HistoryCentre – softwate to convert any ASCII text file to GlobalServer XPO format

HistoryCentre 2.0 for XPO

  • Built-in XPO interface;
  • Supports all available in GlobalServer data types: Trade record, Ask record, Bid record in Tick, 1 Minute, 5 Minutes and 1 Day time frames;
  • Builds 1 Minute and 5 Minutes time frames using convering tick data;
  • Converts almost all possible ASCII text formats using flexible File processing templates;
  • Converts single file, several files and also the whole content of directory;
  • Flexible time adjustment: simple time shift or Time zone conversion;
  • High speed data processing;

HistoryCentre 3.0 for TradeStation/ProSuite 2000i

  • All features of 2.0 version;
  • Built-in direct output interface which allows to import data into GlobalServer directly, without making of XPO file;
  • Command-line interface;
  • Builds Daily data using convering Tick or Minute data;
USD 196

XPO – ASCII converter

  • Converts XPO file(s) data to ASCII data
  • Flexible rules to define ASCII output formats
USD 99

IB Loader – software to download historical intraday and daily data to GlobalServer

IB Loader allows you to download free historical data provided by InteractiveBrokers in MetaStock-ready format, plain ASCII text file or update TradeStation GlobalServer directly. If you have got trading account opened at InteractiveBrokers you do not need anymore to pay for historical data.

  • Up to 180 days of historical data download;
  • Daily, Intraday and Tick data;
  • Date/Time adjustment for historical data;
  • TradeStation/ProSuite drect data output interface;
  • MetaStock-ready format;
  • Flexible custom ASCII format;
USD 99

MixServer – software to mix sevelal real-time data sources into the one single stream

The main purpose of MixServer is to provide for analytical software such as TradeStation 2000i or MetaStock ability to use several data feeds at the same time> and define for every from them backup data feed which will be automatically used when main data feed drops.

  • Running eSignal, several MetaServers or Dynastores on the same PC without conflicts;
  • Ability to receive data from all them and provide this compound data feed to TradeStation or MetaStock;
  • Defining symbol templates to open you ability to select special symbols from data feeds;
  • Defining several backup data feeds;
  • Flexible rules for switching to backup data feed including heat beat time, symbol activity.
  • You don’t need to install special software to receive data from data feed – you may continue to use eSignal, MetaServer or Dynastore building your system;
  • All software can be running on the same PC;
USD 450

TradeStation Data Hub – software to share one single GlobalServer between several TradeStations

TradeStation Data Hub allows you to synchronize GlobalServer data between a number of computers. With this utility you’ll be able to store and refresh data just on one GlobalServer (Server), while TradeStation (Clients), installed on other computers in the LAN will use the data from the server automatically and just like their own.

  • To work with all kinds of data accessible to GlobalServer;
  • To work with all symbols accessible to the remote GlobalServer(Server);
  • To use both realtime quote download and historical data feeds.

The server part of TSDataHub has a convenient client handling interface. Every client has a login and access password to the server and the server administrator can add/remove clients and their access rights.

2 Clients USD 198
5 Clients USD 450
10 Clients USD 2340