MultiCharts Internet Browser – full-functional web-browser, embedded to MultiCharts

MultiCharts Internet Browser – embedded HTML5-compliant Web browser based on CEF3 with support of popular web-based technologies. You can use it to view your broker account statement, read news, watch video or whatever how web-browser ca be used withour switching program window. The plugin works in all four versions of MultiCharts: MultiCharts 8.x (x86/x64) and MultiCharts.NET (x86/x64).

  • Improved performance and stability (JavaScript and plugins run in a separate process).
  • Support for Retina displays.
  • GPU acceleration for WebGL and 3D CSS.
  • Faster access to current and future Web features and standards.
USD 99

TradeStation Autotrading plug-in – software to send order from MultiCharts 8/9 to TradeStation broker account

TradeStation Autotrading plug-in for MultiCharts handles fully automated order routing to your TradeStation Securities account from another popular autotrading platform MultiCharts. The plugin works in all four versions of MultiCharts: MultiCharts (x86/x64) and MultiCharts.NET (x86/x64). Now you can develop your trading system in EasyLanguage, PowerLanguage and even .NET and still use its result with TradeStation broker account.

  • Multicharts Automation: Fully automated trading of Multicharts strategies by using authenficated native autotrading API;
  • Simple: Designed for simplicity and ease of use;
  • *Reliable and extremely fast: Built on an industrial-strength framework and C++;
  • *Multiple Accounts: Send orders to multiple accounts;
  • *Simulator: Supports default TradeStation simulation accounts;
USD 540